Becoming Less of a Procrastinator

I recently picked up a book recommended by a friend called Eat that Frog.  When I first heard the title there were so many pictures that came into my mind about what this book could be about. Some of my initial book content thoughts were:

1. Ethnic Cuisine - 21 ways to cook frogs and enjoy them

2. Eat frogs and lose 10 pounds 

3. How to tell the difference between between edible and poisonous frogs

Turns out that the book was about taking on your most difficult task FIRST so that your "frog" gets eaten and you can move on with the next part of your day.  It's a book all on how to NOT procrastinate.  Apparently, my friend, knows me a little too well.  At first I wanted to be offended at the recommendation, but then I realized that truly my friend loved me well enough to recommend something that would help me in my business in life.  Truth moment, I am a procrastinator.  I mean, I work best when the pressure is on. Twenty page paper due tomorrow?  No problem, I'll get started on it at 9pm the night before.  My best work is done past midnight!  I think that worked better when I was in college, now it takes me too long to recover from those late nights. However, after a few chapters in I was met with the realization that my procrastination has really been a hindrance and I just want to share a few things that I am excited to implement in my own life after reading Eat that Frog.

1. See yourself as a person who gets things/tasks done efficiently and effectively - VISUALIZE (all outside improvements start with the picture of what could be)

2.  Think on paper

3.  Do something EVERYDAY that moves you to your major goal

4.  Work at work - if you mismanage your priorities and don't work efficiently & effectively at work it will negatively impact your time at home.

There are actually 21 principles that the author, Brian Tracy lays out that I think are fantastic.  So, if you don't have time to read the book, you can still use these principles.  We wrote them out and you can download them for free HERE.

Here's the being more effective & efficient and less of a procrastinator!